Project Description

Guardians of the Apocalypse
(Mahşerin Muhafızları)

Format: TV Series

Genre: Action / Adventure / Supernatural

Stage of Development: Screenplay

Materials available:
Screenplay – 1st Episode – 62 pages in Turkish
Presentation booklets with Synopsis, Character breakdowns, Casting suggestions in English and Turkish

“The legacy of Solomon
is in danger…

The centuries-old covenant between Humans, the
Marid Djinn and the Ifrit Djinn, is about to be broken.
Mazerin, king of the Ifrit Djinn, has captured the Ring of
Solomon and is preparing the Dominion of Satan. Asaf
and his loyal Guards must now battle for the fate of all

Inspired by the Islamic tradition that Solomon once ruled over both Djinn and Humans, “The Guardians” take us on a journey of eternal battle between two incompatible species. But who is good and who is evil?